sometimes i wonder, why did I come to jordan in the first place? why did I get into med-school? why'd I put myself in all this STRESS! it seriously kills. especially when I think about it in the long run! I'm gonna have to take my USMLES afterwards and residencyy and just this HUGE load of stress and studying. well stress = studying. but yeahh. Anddd thannn I walk into a hospital, and i watch all the residency students and doctors do their daily job hong thai travel...

and i realize THATS WHY. because I simply cant imagine doing anythingg else. I might not be the most intelligent...but I know I have a lot of passion.
BUT my studying doesnt show how much passion I have, because its seriously been SUCKING. I realized that studying at home just wont work this semmester. taking medical school SYSTEMs are sooo much diff than taking a regular microbiology or pathology course, i mean yeah those were hard...but SYSTEMS are just a killer. you have to be really focused and on the top of your game home furniture.

and i dont knoww i cant studyy at home AT ALL. and we dont really have "public libraries" around my side of town. So my best catch i guess is to study in the library at the university till it closes. so when you guys have an examm what do you doo to studyy and be totally focused.... put away your ipod, laptop, cell phone? or whatt? ideas please HTC phone cases

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