This morning, before sending Ren off for school, Al had us go through our morning exercises. "You exercise in the morning?" Ren asked in confusion. "WE exercise in the morning. We also spar. It's a good way to build your self defense skills. I think Aaliyaan would be a good partner for you.

Of course if he proves too challenging, you can partner with Alnair," Al smiled. Alnair put on his best, "Get some!" face and sat down on the front lawn to stretch. I changed into my exercise gear and stretched with Alnair. I motioned for Ren to sit with us and showed him how to stretch. He kept saying, "Ow, ow, ow!" and made Alnair giggle because Alnair has been doing Aikido for at least a few months and is more flexible. "Nair-kun, kakkoi," (Alnair you're cool) Ren said as he ruffled Alnair's hair. Alnair grinned at Ren and bounced onto his feet once he was done stretching. I stood up and decided to begin Alnair's morning exercises by making him go through his usual motions.

"Follow him," I tried signing to Ren so he'd understand. Ren nodded and followed Alnair's stances as we went through the motions. Once we were done with that, Ren stood off to the side as Alnair tried sparring with me. Alnair sparring is freaking hilarious to watch. He comes running at full speed, launches himself in the air but has no flight plan, so he flails and crashes to the ground. The wonderful thing about him is that he gets back up, brushes himself off and tries again.

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