Well, kids, it's time to confess. RH (retired husband) and I were off on a 4 night cruise last week. Yes, you are correct in recalling that we took an 11 night cruise back in February. That was just 4 days after RH's gall bladder surgerysteel storage cabinets. We had a good time but since RH was recovering then.  So he decided a short cruise now might be more fun for him. We also wanted to upgrade our classification with Royal Caribbean so we took this little trip to Nassau, CocoCay and Key West. We enjoyed it even though there were some Spring Break students onboard. I have to say that 95% of the students were very nice, very polite and didn't cause troublewaterproof iphone case.

When we got to Nassau and walked off the ship, we immediately remembered how much we dislike this port.  The cab drivers and tour guides and street people are in your face from the moment you step into the entry way to Nassau and they don't let up.  The traffic is horrible and you can hardly walk without getting bumped or pushed.&nbspwittspartners;

CocoCay is an island that Royal Caribbean has been working on.  It is a beautiful beach area and they take people by tender boat to and from the location.  They provide a big BBQ all day long.  We did not get off the ship for this one.  We are not beach people, we don't drink and the seas were so rough that as I watched the tenders, I feared for the people.  At times it looked like the boats would be swamped or turn over.

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