Sitting at the computer desk I haven't been able to adapt to the darkness and come unexpectedly the computer didn't signal, then he heard the husband and son in the use of mobile phone to find we were forgotten in the corner of the flashlight, looked out of the window around the floor without lights, power! There was no trace of wind, sitting in air-conditioned house people to escape the summer heat, power seems to be not tolerated disaster, people become flighty and impetuous, complaining that how to spend this sultry nights. Neighbor girl full of childish voice sounded in the ears, my power, I was scared to cry! Thoughts had been back to childhood, back without electricity with infinite happy summer night!

The seventy's night, busy people a day after dinner will give home out, a mat and a palm leaf fan a small stool will be gathered in the stone bridge, the middle of the street to enjoy the cool, the people are words with homely, convey all the passions, the restless and the most happy is we are the children, the west of the village pond is our paradise, then take a shower is the natural solar drying of hot water, a towel is the whole shebang, we seize the willow root of pit edge swimming competition, holding your breath under water, tired of playing each other in the water, not the outcome of the war we always enjoy it, don't call does not return.

We have a more wonderful programs, sometimes we follow the older sisters learn to sing Mulan, when singing the woman which is the son, the heart then rises a Hao Ran upright, dreams of oneself also can become the world's greatest hero one day. More time is enjoying the playmate of the goddess, Chaoyang, the dancing handkerchief, blowing a small skirt and like the sounds of nature is a wonderful song is always I envy and dreams, playing tired we lay on the mat or circle or missing moon, she quietly through the clouds the color of wound, meeting in adults give us the worth of the bridge the beautiful love story, looking for the Milky way in the sky, the stars Altair and his two children across the galaxy Vega, July 7th night we will and friends meet in the grape tree, put a pot of water to Cowboy Weaver meet quietly words.

The occasional meteor will cause us a surprise. More often we will touch the turtle, by the light of the moon, we wandered in the north of the village of the woods, the river levee, see the elm tree willows on the black, we feel, sometimes surprise sometimes lost, lost knots tree or other insects, but most of the time I am looking for prey, and when I touch it by hand to feel the fear and struggle, but transferred to the childhood I was pleasantly surprised and happy, with the fruits of our victory like a happy bird flew home, wash pickled in salt, a few days after the oil fry, absolutely delicious food, now seems to also have lingering fragrance.

Midnight power is restored to normal, I can lie on the air conditioning house sleep, thank the blackout let me return to my childhood, back to full of childlike joy and wonderful summer nights!

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Such Great Home

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