One day, came a sentimental poet, as are his flowers, as tears. He awoke to the flowers, fall in love at first sight! He got down on one knee, to woo her. The flowers are moved, blush, it is blooming the most beautiful smile!

Since then, the poet, the sun during the day and keep it together. The sun Everbright, strong sun, he is her own body, afraid of the strong sunlight his delicate petals! At night, he was afraid of loneliness and bright flowers together with her, she returned to sing the most beautiful songs of the world!

One day, the wind's effect, the sky is cloud over the waves -- lose one's temper, a rainstorm. The poet with his body covered in torrents of rain. But red petals that was blowing in the wind and rain in the rain fall. The poet very sad, he tears down, for a long time, little splash into the blood, the blood actually flew up into the branches, the resurrection of the flower! Later, the poet had a serious illness, dying, let himself be buried under the tree.

This tree only this one big safflower, yours is open. A green tree with him! She's singing in the spring breeze!

One day in the evening, the poet but a girl came under the tree, she tears the sea, hands caressing the petals, automatic speaking. This is the tree from the depths of a sound "although I have no earthly body, but I still use my heart to me, and my soul living in this world the most beautiful flowers! Let him by all red, fragrant!" The girl choke with sobs. The storm, she also together.. can not think experience........

This beautiful story was later legend. The first is a poet. He put the flower the story written the most beautiful thing, let each reading his people to tears! Then came a painter, he used his magical stroke, the tree and the tree flowers painted on the canvas, one day evening, it was resurrected on the canvas, but also floated sweet! Unfortunately, the picture with a breeze fly perhaps into celestial! Then another musician, he put the poet wrote the poem to the world of the most touching song, sung through the ages! Again a novelist, put these stories written in a moving plot twists and turns of the story, the poet and the girl nature also became the hero of the novel. A lot of crazy male female, was moving in the novel bleak plot. Deeply moved by the story of hero and heroine! And then, a writer he interpret novelist wrote the story into a play, the screen. Stir in the film and television industry, is also said to have world class award!

But one day, a businessman, he is carrying a huge payments, indulge in the wildest fantasy to the tree to buy. Want to turn this place into a tourist destination, attracting many tourists, trying to earn a lot of money. He knelt down and prayed to the trees. This is the wind's effect, the sky dark clouds rolling, -- lose one's temper, rainstorm, the businessman is to scare away the storm!

Later, to a lot of fashionably dressed men and women, they came to the tree devout, appreciate the huge red flowers on the tree. They are the flowers, the most beautiful promise aspiration of the world!

Later, by a done wrong, he fell on his knees, facing the flowers to repent, flowers moved underground tears.

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