Singles Day, double the eleven panic buying, estimation of Taobao should and will record it, what is the singles day, is not the single Festival? But, why in this one day, you will see the city center, high streets and back lanes, is it right? Feel puzzled. Why is there so much in love couple whispers of love, then your puzzle.

The hurricane act recklessly and care for nobody, wheezing, wet cold thoroughly alert heart. Gradually the vanity of the survival, a day in the past, old age, have to faceLocal Express, flower like beauty, has experienced vicissitudes of life, experience more, beautiful said of a woman or maiden., will slowly over time, slowly began to change, fade fade, haggard, withered and yellow, some old day. Young is the most beautiful time, is there a few years bloom. The most beautiful is that several years, from twenty to twenty-five between the age of women, should be a woman the most perfect time, slim, pretty face, trendy, beautiful makeup, high-heeled shoes, self-confidence, when we are young, we should enjoy our precious body, we should love yourself a little, to dress themselves, the money should be spend moneyCanadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration, don't be afraid, that one day we are old, want what to wear, will not have the opportunity. A woman should learn to spend money, spend money that has the ability to make money, of course, also want to learn to make money, but also to investment to their love, remember that money is not saved, if there is no stimulus, no one came to the consumer, then the economy will not the healthy development of the. When you are financially independent, time independent personality, you are the best candidate, was nowhere to be critical, since there will be a good man around you, you don't need to worry why he is still single, you just lost an opportunity, no to fate, not because you are not good, this time you have enough charm, this time we should keep a confidentpolo shirts for men.

We just need to keep self's original, natural, self-confidence and generosity. Hold their own piece of the sky. We do not need a man changed his true colours, every character is not the same, we don't have to help others to sacrifice their own innocence, more do not need to please others, change yourself. Once you change, you will no longer be himself. The one who likes you, your faults are advantages, he will only accept all your bad, also will contain all your little temper, not always tell you, you can gently, every time you don't want me to wait for you for so long is good, really love you, no matter how much you make up soon, he will not push you, also be willing to wait for you, even a two hours or more. If every time he urged you to do, he is not mature enough, to do he just doesn't understand waiting is also a kind of happiness. In fact, he is not don't love you, just a little tender, not stable, not mature enough, a little careless, don't know how to take care of you, understand you. If you still love him, then you can only play the role of a mature female friend, also want to understand his magnanimous. The only way you do not square accounts in every detail, you can complement each other, two people can go further, feelings can be steady.

Love.LOVE, interpretation of down the meaning of love, on behalf of L (listen) (listen), love is to listen to each other unconditionally and without prejudice to the demand, and give my best to help. O (oilgate) (Thanksgiving) need to keep the Thanksgiving love and sympathy, give more love, love watering seedlings. V (valued) (respect) love is to show your respect, the expression of caring, sincere encouragement, praise music. E (excuse) (Kuan Shu), love is merciful, Kuan Shu each other's shortcomings and mistakes, to maintain the advantages and strengths.

Love is not a matter of counting the days, it is to make every day meaningful. Each a memory, there is a password. I love you, not because of who you are, but because I like the feeling with you. Love does not need the appearance of the decorative, natural and lovely than simply more lovely. Two people who like each other, together, happy is the most important. Together, love each other, cherish. Perhaps the only way, the last two are not mature, a little selfish, self-centered child, together for a long time, maybe two people two childish ignorance, can grow together, love together, understand what is love, finally can grow up together. If the outcome, may be a satisfactory full stop to write stories about them. Get along with not just that simple, easy love, perhaps lightning love, is not necessarily the lightning over, may break the normal procedure, write a story.

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