I don't know the people in this lifetime, have experienced a number of such sweet together and sorrow of parting, can in the quiet heart, a true love. Every time but looking back, every time the tears of the eyes, can a kneads painful thoughts and worries. Just like the taste of winter, you taste, sugar Sydney, in those sweet and sour aftertaste, true reproduction or interpretation of a love. Maybe that experience everyone has, in turn sour and sweet feeling, continues the love beautiful smile or faint sadnesschenille embroidery.

The winter snow, I in the boundless snow land journey, a person to seek the winter cold or warm. A row of deep footprints in the tender, the heart that look for a long time of beauty. Perhaps only in this time, I only know that they like a happy little, towards the heart that has the dream place to run to. I know you're standing, Mimosa eyebrow Cu, face delicate, elegant manners, stood in the quiet alley waiting for me. I a review, I hit you anxious eyesPublic Cloud.

Do you know? Bao Zi, night blue, all your images are like stars in the sky, suspended not night endless thinking space for me, wrapped in Naqu injury shows sounds, so I cut the night difficult to sleep. As a close your eyes, you will see you be reluctant to part with their eyes. A flutter over the parting of the window, you put all the sad and helpless will through the window, into my bag here, with me all the way to travel. I still stand in the speed of the wheel, kept in your most beautiful expectationDBA Hong Kong.

Remember, every evening, when you walk on my window of the moment, I will open the window to see you back. Watched you disappear in the stream of people, I'm still trying to search you Petite shadow, I know, as long as my eyes, you will be very safe to go alone to go along the road. The night long, my concern will be how long. No matter how much wind and rain, the window will open for you, open our review and watched quietly.

A lingering sound, can travel into the beating of string in the text, and harps, dependent. Like a butterfly incitement to miss the wings, tired across the heart mark, a lovesickness two sorrow. My dear, can you hear me? I miss you!. Think of us handle, through spring eagerly look forward to summer, beautiful park park garden, Qing was red maple romance fall red, his eyes are snowflakes surplus warm, all good luck in the depths of red dust, who watched the Hydra sparkling?

The world of mortals, I traveled all the footprint, only to meet with you. The Is it right? We past the edge of the great stone, carved warm? Review the graceful three thousand drunk, is a "miracle" in thousands of times. In this season, the snow fell fingertips, around the hearts. The night was deep, I'm still waiting in the Chi Chi, waiting on you I agreed, agreed to love pink Liulv, every time looking back and watched the agreement. Do you know? Bao zi. Just because you exist, my winter is so warm.

In the habit of graceful words in groping your path, I put all thoughts, the front of a brush. Every day in the memory of a review of graffiti and watched, and again I thought above the eyes behind the warmth, stripping unreal, so promise you a true waiting, waiting for the next accidentaly across. These years I have been creating such an atmosphere, frame such a talk to the scene, like the back and watched, at every point of inflection of my life, colorful flowers.

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