People say that the relationship between parents and children is sometimes the first person in the history across the Pacific as difficult, if passed, will also be covered all over with cuts and bruises NuHart.

When I was young, we are young, on what is curious, as his relationship with his parents when he first came into the Pacific Ocean, down the river, Everything is going smoothly., full of curiosity, confidence.

Gradually, we entered the middle school, began to rebel, began to self willed, began to escape. Their relationship with their parents also began to alienate. Just entered the Pacific 2/5 stage of the sea. At this time we all like overgrown with thorns little hedgehog, from time to time to tie people, especially those who disagreed with our people. We all want to others can be their own ah, always taking into account their feelings. However, other people have this idea. After all, "do not want to, do not impose on others NuHart."

Later, we went to high school, more want to escape from their parents, in the face of things, always feel that sometimes the behavior of some parents make their own very did not face, that he is an adult, have their own judgement, and can think independently. But the parents did not consider our feelings, love himself to help us arrange some is not good, but they think good things, to impose on us.

In fact, the parents of the starting point is good, but they ignore 6, 70 time distance today how much difference. As Spring Festival evening they like the national popular songs, but we have love popular songs NuHart!

I want to say, mom and dad ah, please slightly loosen your hands of the line, don't let us struggle, to get the final, the thread is broken, the kite is flying!

I want to say, mom and Dad, we sometimes often about our friends, but not our heart without your position, our heart will always put you in the first place. But obviously you do not think so, do you think our friend is evil associates, work. But you have not thought about, this is your children really want to make friend, you say, do the children too much to handle NuHart?

I want to say, mom and Dad, you really hard, the children want you to rest, and the initiative for you share the responsibility, but even if there is no praise, nor to hell!

I want to say, parents, children really want and you make friends type parents, each other can talk about intimate words. But perhaps you will feel very embarrassed, but we are among the most dear people ah, what can not be said environmental-protection?

I want to say, parents, as children like and you speak, please calm down, wait to listen to the children want to say what, don't always unequal children finish, just interrupt, to carry out the so-called "education". Perhaps, would run counter to one's desire.

I want to say, mom and Dad, we can understand you, we also like you hope that our relationship will be more harmonious, more harmonious!

I hope our dreams come true!

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