Prepare a visor hat and wear it when you work in the garden Dream beauty pro hard sell .

Do not use perfume, the sweet smell will attract mosquitoes and other small insects. Moreover, these perfumes can produce chemical reactions in the sun. It is easy to form spots on the skin. It is best to use an insect repellent with a sunscreen.

The dust that comes from your work absorbs moisture from your skin, so it's best to wear gloves that can protect your nails and reduce the loss of moisture in your skin.

Scene 6: ski resort Dream beauty pro hard sell/p>

Get your sunscreen on. Most people mistakenly believe that the higher the temperature is, the stronger the uv light will be. In fact, the higher the altitude plus the reflection of the snow on the sun can easily cause sunburn and go to the top of the mountain. The more cool the mountain wind, the more uv. It's the same thing with swimming at the beach. To resist uv, need SPF30 or higher sunscreen, and covered the entire face (if neck exposed, also need to use sunscreen), while face prominent nose first damaged, when sunscreen so don't miss the nose.

Protect your eyes and wear sun-protective sunglasses Dream beauty pro hard sell.

In cold places, we usually lick our lips involuntarily, and this can cause the lips to dry out more quickly and should be often SPF45 lip balm.

Better wear a wool hood. Cover the whole face and resist the uv rays.

Scene 7: join the PARTY

Apply a moisturizer beforehand to avoid the fine lines of skin caused by passive smoking.

Drink more water. Attending a PARTY, drinking is inevitable, and alcohol can be exciting. But it also speeds up the skin's dryness, and the best way to stay dark circles is to drink a large glass of water when drinking.

Smoke can irritate your eyes and make your eyes dry. You can use eye drops to improve the condition Dream beauty pro .

Scene 8: the gym

The humidity in the gym is perfect for bacterial growth, so keep a towel handy when exercising. Always wipe your sweat to control bacterial growth.

Use your own cleaning supplies after a workout. If the skin is especially dry, rinse with water and avoid using soap. If the back minister has acne, use a cotton ball that does not contain alcohol.

Wear shoes in the locker room, too, because the bare feet touch a lot of germs on the floor.

If you have oily skin, try not to go to the sauna, which will make your skin more oily and even induce other skin lesions in your body.

The smell of the American muscle map smells good looks

How much does taste affect us? In fact, it's more than tactile and visual, and it's like an index that moves the perception of the body, the aftertaste of itself, even a good power. Now, this power is already one of the things that makes our skin beautiful.

Although for human beings "form, sound, color, taste and touch" five senses in parallel, but to the other senses, our olfactory system in fact is too complex, even everyone is different, like fingerprints, this is because the body has genes associated with olfactory 500 to 700, and taste is only five, vision is more little, only three. When these hundreds of genes work together, our extreme sensitivity to taste is simply an instinct, so to take advantage of this instinct can reverse the effects of our bodies and our skin. The best day for us to bring us good mood is the morning bath, the warm and steam of water will increase the concentration of the aroma, and diffuse in your body, stay in your hair. Remember that scene? When the ponytail of the tie is scattered, there will be a faint fragrance of shampoo, let you fine what pleasure; And in the winter, when the smell has become dull, the smell of warmth from the collar will remind you of the comfort and warmth of your home. When we care for facial skin, the flavor adjustment is more important. Because of the sensitive sense of smell, we almost can tell a protect skin to taste in a flash in the so-called is a natural plant extract components, or man-made, the former let a person like forest flowers, the latter will produce natural aversion, and the "new information" will directly affect the effect of skin care. The following is to introduce some adjustable mood, the sweet atmosphere that has more positive effect to skin care.


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